OPPO Care Card Service Content

1. OPPO Care service is only available with the purchase of new OPPO phone. The validity is 12 months and effective from the date of purchase.

2. Customer will enjoy free service if the repair costs incurred does not exceed 85% of the phone price. Customer will need to bear the price difference if the repair costs incurred exceed 85% of the phone price. OPPO Care service is terminated after the service is completed.

3. All the faulty parts replaced belong to MALAYSIA OPPO ELECTRONICS.

4. OPPO Care is not refundable or replaceable under any circumstances.

5. In case that the phone register with OPPO Care had been replaced by a new one, OPPO Care will also be bound to the newly replaced phone IMEI. Date of effectiveness of OPPO Care service will also be reset to the data of the phone replacement.

6. Every new phone is allowed to purchase one OPPO Care only.

OPPO Care Card Service Exclusion

1. Damaged caused on purpose

2. Virus or malicious software that caused that damaged of normal usage of phone or failure of the application.

3. Damage or loss of non-basic phone functionality data, programs and application.

4. Barcode and IMEI label are obliterated, damaged or unrecognizable.

5. Any personal disassembly or modification is made in faulty injury or property losses that caused by phone faulty.