2020 OPPO Malaysia Customer Service Warranty Policy

(This policy is not valid for Salesperson's, Dealer's DEMO, Refurbished phones and others special situations)



  1. The device enjoys 12 months's warranty period, accessories (Inclusive of independently purchased accessories) enjoy 3 to 12 months' warranty period. For details, please refer to 6.

  2. Warranty period is started by referring to e-warranty registration date, if there is any device which has no e-warranty registration record, then the warranty period is extended 3 months further as the warranty start date, starts counting from the Manufacturing Date.

  3. Defects which are caused by the below conditions are warranty-void:

    A. Device is liquid-damaged
    B. Wear & tear during ordinary usage such as: stains, scratches, rusts...etc.
    C. Damages due to external forces such as: fallen, squeezes, bent, friction, natural disaster, accidents...etc.
    D. Any unauthorized dissemble, modification, repair
    E. Causes not from OPPO quality issues, including improper usage, network service provider, third party APK, SIM Card, SD card,
        accessories problems and so on.

  4. Repaired Protections:

    4.1 In Warranty: After In-warranty maintenance, the whole device enjoys 3 months or the balance warranty period, depends on
          which period is longer
    . If the replacement includes PCB or screen, the replaced PCB or screen enjoys 6 months or the
          balance warranty period, depends on which 
    period is longer.

    4.2 Out of Warranty: After Out-of-warranty maintenance, only replaced parts are in warranty such as PCB screen have 6
          months, other parts have 3 months' warranty.

    4.3 All OPPO accessories, which are replaced during warranty period, the warranty period is recalculated starting from the date of

    4.4 If the device is heavily liquid damaged, seriously deformed or fallen, then user can choose either way to service:

          A. Pay and replace all device parts, after replacement the device enjoys 3 months or the balance warranty period, replaced
              PCB & screen have 6 months or the balance warranty period, depends on which period is longer.

          B. Replace only the direct-damaged parts, excluded other parts, then the replaced parts can enjoy 3 months warranty, but
              not other parts
    . Meanwhile, service center personnel must inform customer the risks of it earlier, and request customer to
              sign a Physical Form & Maintenance Disclaimer.

  5. 1 to 1 Exchange criteria, within 7 days afetr the device is purchased, checked & found there is hardware issues on the phone, then
    proceed to exchange. 1 to 1 is not valid if it's software issues, but can perform IW services.

  6. Warranty Policy Details



    Whole Device

    12 Months


    Internal: 12 Months

    External: 6 Months


    6 Months

    Earphone/ USB Cables/ Adapter

    6 Months

    Car Charger/ Power Bank

    12 Months

    Bluetooth Headset/ Speakers/ Gamepad

    12 Months

    Smart Wristband/ Watch

    (Whole Device)

    12 Months

    Smart Wristband/ Watch


    3 Months

    Phone Leather Cover/ Protective Cover

    No Warranty

    Selfie Stick

    3 Months

    Phone Exchange

    Follow 1 to 1 policy





    Screen/ PCB Replacement

    6 Months or the balance warranty period

    6 Months

    Other Parts Replacement

    3 Months or the balance warranty period

    3 Months



    Replaced All Parts

    Whole device has 3 months or the remaining warranty period, if replaced PCB or screen, then the PCB and screen have 6 months or the remaining warranty period

    Replaced Specific Parts

    The replaced parts have 3 months warranty, while other parts will no longer have any warranty


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